Project writing on Youth citizenship for OASIS

The EU launched a call for proposal in Mozambique to strenghten youth participation and sense of citizenship.

Oasis-Mozambique called me to see if I could help them respond to the call. As it happened, some amazing community workers I have met in Zimbabwe through the Art of hosting practitionner network were having a one week Oasis-game in Chitungwiza (the fact that the game and the organization share the same name was a welcome surprize for both).

The Oasis-Game, held with the support of some youths from South Africa and from Kufunda Leadership training that have had the opportunity to be trained in Elos-Brazil, is community and participatory driven and uses in a practical way core principles of collective leadership, theory of change, positive deviance and the art of hosting.

In a nutshel, when I received that call on citizenship, I foresaw that these principles should constitute the core of the project. I knew that Oasisi have been doing participative and community-based work for the last years, and would definitly be interested in it, but the way that they have been running their programmes was different. I really was interested in inviting them to build their entire project around the principles of training the youths in collective leadership and in change management.

So I invited Oasis's director to come in Zimbabwe, and stay at Kufunda, talk with the leaders in training and then spend the day in Chitungwiza.

And he came, and camped, and spend the day reaching out, celebrating and working with the comunity.

And he understood that it actually work and how interesting the way to work is.

So from there we spend some hours refining and designing the project.

Now we are hoping that the project can go thru.

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As a freelance social worker and project manager, I am always surprized and trilled to see how resilient and creative people are.


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