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Sabre Business World is a specialised Training and Business Consulting Firm that has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2006. They have been running monthly training events for the public on Entrepreneurship for over 2.5 years, seminars throughout the year for Entrepreneurs, they have worked with businesses from all sectors and of all sizes, from large Corporates to Start ups providing Specialised Training and Business Consulting Services

You can follow Sabre Businness World on the Social Media, where they provide daily tips and guidance (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Along with their individual and group coaching they have been providing Email courses and Mobile Texting courses to large groups, a weekly radio show called “The Entrepreneur” on ZBC etc.

Sabre and the Zimbabwe Youth Council are preparing a nationwide- entrepreneurship program and I have the pleasure to work with them on their project management and fundraising. It is thrilling to bridge their businness perspective withthe non-profit reality, in order to provide the best services as possible, and to be part of an incredible challenge to support small entrepreneurs developping their businness to another level!

Who Am I?

As a freelance social worker and project manager, I am always surprized and trilled to see how resilient and creative people are.


> Project coordination

> Project cycle management

> Child Protection

> Support to social workers

> Human resource management

> Negotiation and partnership in intercultural environment

> Representation, relation with donors and fundraising

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