Go, Oasis!

It is always very humbling to jump in a team with the task to listen to them and evaluating their work. In a short time to try to understand the context, politics, strategies, visions, dreams, see the differences between what is written and what is happenning, respond to the fears, deal with the history, the conflicts.... for, at the end, write a report that aims at showing the great achievements and identify why some things did not happen or have faced difficulties.

For this evaluation, I had the opportunity to work with the team in gathering informations, we used a combinaison of tools, including a Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS), mapping, interviews, a field walk, direct observation, focus group, etc.

What I will remember is the strenght of the team spirit in Oasis, their commitment and sacrifice to implement and develop activities they believe in. They are passionate in what they do. And with passion can come frustration, when partners, other stakeholders are not responding with the same fire. I spend some time with them working on identifying the interests and values of their organisation, their motivations to work for Oasis, and the drives behind their partners and beneficiaries. To see that interests and value are different enables to understand better why some people are not responding the same way, why we have conflicting responses or great successes. Above all it helps understand the dynamics of a project. For me the evaluation was very enriching and I wish the best for Oasis' continuation with their next phase.

Who Am I?

As a freelance social worker and project manager, I am always surprized and trilled to see how resilient and creative people are.


> Project coordination

> Project cycle management

> Child Protection

> Support to social workers

> Human resource management

> Negotiation and partnership in intercultural environment

> Representation, relation with donors and fundraising

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