Preparing a participative evaluation for Oasis

I am preparing an evaluation of the Water, health and sanitation program Oasis-Mozambique ( is running with its partners in Beira's neighbourhood of Manga-Loforte.The program has been running for the last 3 years, and is aiming at changing the behaviours and life of thousands in that popular bairro. Manga Loforte is facing major health and sanitation challenges, the lack of water and drainage, the poor health and hygiene habits, coupled with Malaria and a swampy environment created difficult conditions for the neighbourhood’s population.However, local organizations such as Oasis, the Associação Gloria a Deus, Beautifulgate International, along with the community leaders and the government are working hard to respond and improve the situation. More than 90 women are now involved as mother-activists, volunteers in educating their peers. The positive deviance and community involvement seem to have brought some interesting results. I am really looking forward to facilitate the evaluation there in two weeks, especially since I'll have the opportunity to run it with the workers, partners and volunteers who have been involved in the project, really aiming at a participative evaluation!

Who Am I?

As a freelance social worker and project manager, I am always surprized and trilled to see how resilient and creative people are.


> Project coordination

> Project cycle management

> Child Protection

> Support to social workers

> Human resource management

> Negotiation and partnership in intercultural environment

> Representation, relation with donors and fundraising

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