Fondation Terre des hommes

Mandate as head of the Mozambican Delegation

Janvier 2013 - Décembre 2013, Mozambique

FBA-Consult  a été mandaté par la fondation Tdh pour gérer la dernière année de sa délégation au Mozambique

Les 7 (sept) priorités attachées à la gestion de la Délégation Mozambique ont été les suivantes :



(1) Gestion et suivi des ressources de tdh.

(2) Respect des stratégies et politiques de la fondation

(3) Support et conseil

(4) Représentation.

(5) Information et communication.



(6) Appui technique.

(7) Fundraising.


A ces priorités s’ajoute la fonction de lien entre le siège et le terrain.

Project Management

Associação Casa Amiga de Criança

Technical and administrative support

January 2013-Decembre 2013, Moçambique


As part of the mandate for the Fondation Terre des hommes, we provided technical and administrative support to the organization Casa Amiga de Criança.

The technical support included coaching of the director, president and communication officer, support to partners (including the Universidade Pedagogica) and supervisors, support to plan their interventions and organize the ressources to fit their vision.

As part of the administrative support, we monitored the finances and management of material and human resources, worked with the communication officer in order to build the communication  and fundraising strategy of the organization.


Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI)

Mandate to draft the registration documents and register the NGO in Mozambique

March 2013, Mozambique


The main objective of The Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) is to lessen the devastating social and emotional (psychosocial) impact of HIV and AIDS, poverty and conflict on children and youth across East and Southern Africa.REPSSI partners with NGOs and governments across East and Southern Africa. With their technical assistance, these partners implement policies and programs which strengthen the ability of communities and families to care for and protect their children and youth.Since 2001, REPSSI has focused on raising awareness, developing easy-to-use and culturally appropriate tools, and creating demand for psychosocial support among key stakeholders.

The specific objective of the consultancy was to present REPSSI strategy and intent of work in Mozambique to the Mozambican authorities in order to be authorized and able to operate in the country and set a national representation of the organization. Although REPSSI has been developing specific activities in Mozambique since 2003, it was not yet recognized as an international organization operating in the country.The documents  presented its interventions linked to: Its Technical leadership in Psychosocial support, its knowledge development and existing tools, its capacity building models to organizations, institutions and communities


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