​​"During my training as a social worker, I did an internship in a rehabilitation centre for abused children in Benin. I experienced first-hand the weight of the need for professional support for practitioners. From there on, strengthening support systems has been a guiding priority for me -trainings, experience sharing, coaching, staff care, minimum standards…-.

I have had the chance to work in countries of the majority world, where most of the non-domestic care and social support are carried by individuals with limited formal training and professional support , who build their practices by experience, resilience and great motivation to improve lives of others.

I am humbled by their commitments. I get my energy from the sense of togetherness I feel meeting them all over the world. I heard continuous demands for support, recognition and work security.  

Since that internship 20 years ago, I have worked in humanitarian and development contexts improving my technical and management skills. I have taken responsibilities as Global Protection and Inclusion advisor for GOAL, an Irish organisation, and worked as country director for Terre des Hommes Foundation.

These roles enables be to gain practical skills in managing teams at different phases of a programme cycle, and support programmes from both the technical and the management aspect."





Frédéric Baele has worked on protection since 2001, assuming roles as country director for an international organization in Togo and Mozambique, as coordinator in a program strengthening the capacities of the social workforce and as global protection and social inclusion advisor. He has first hand experience as manager and technical expertise.



FBA Consult is registered in Belgium as a sole-trader.



  • Protection systems and safeguarding

  • Supporting and policies, procedures, human resource management and accountability systems.

  • Setting up Concern and Response Mechanisms (CRM)

  • Responding to concerns (investigations).


  • Programming with gender, age and social inclusion

  • Context analysis of systems.

  • Using sex and age disaggregated data to design and measure projects

  • Participation of groups.

  • Including diversity, equality and equity in Human Resource Management Systems.

Strengthening of child Protection systems

  • System approach to inclusion.

  • Child protection programming: migration/ mobility and trafficking, rehabilitation from abuse, exploitation, child labor.

  • Monitoring and evaluation: Baseline study, setting systems of case management and data collection, data analysis, evidencing changes.

  • Strengthening networks and coordination mechanisms.

  • Setting standards and guidelines in child protection, considering the local context.



Project Management

Social workforce support

  • Facilitating group support to social workers.

  • Working individually with social workers

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the social workforce, and building short/medium/long term support and strengthening programs.

  • Training of staff to address situations of violence and the rehabilitation process of the child.

  • Training staff to cope with difficult situations.

  • Training managers to respond to their staff’s work-related stress through organized individual or group support.


​Human Resources Management

  • Designing and adapting existing procedures and tools linked to human resources management.

  • Recruitment procedures that include child protection concerns.

  • Cross- NGO studies on human resource management .

  • Coaching for managers.


Project Cycle Management

  • Baseline studies, project design, child/beneficiaries/partners participation, follow up on indicators, evaluations of projects.

  • Reports and proposal writing for institutional donors and foundations.

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