I am back from Kinshasa where I had the honor to work with a immensly dedicated team opening up the debate and possibilities for the reintegration of girls living and working in the street. I did jump on the opportunities I had to sketch and document my stay there. Ske...


Sabre Business World is a specialised Training and Business Consulting Firm that has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2006. They have been running monthly training events for the public on Entrepreneurship for over 2.5 years, seminars throughout the year for Entreprene...


War Child is an NGO I had the opportunity to meet a couple years ago during a MHPSS meeting, at the time they presented their DEAL-toolkits and were working with the WHO on a psychological first aid kit (PFA).

I have the chance to start a collaboration with WC-UK, on on...


It is always very humbling to jump in a team with the task to listen to them and evaluating their work. In a short time to try to understand the context, politics, strategies, visions, dreams, see the differences between what is written and what is happenning, respond...


I am preparing an evaluation of the Water, health and sanitation program Oasis-Mozambique (www.oasismz.org) is running with its partners in Beira's neighbourhood of Manga-Loforte.The program has been running for the last 3 years, and is aiming at changing the behaviour...


I got the opportunity last month to join Prospective et Coopération, an organization based in France and Brazil by scholars and international cooperation professionnals. The organization provides an observatory platform about the changes that are happening in the world...


For anyone involved in mental health and Psycho-social support, there is this web-site http://mhpss.net. It is packed with documents to download, discussion groups and people to connect with. Its is very usefull for sharing and learning from peers. The new  interface m...

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Who Am I?

As a freelance social worker and project manager, I am always amazed to see how resilient and creative people are.

  • System approach to inclusion

  • Coordination

  • Technical support to programmes

  • Strengthening and leading social teams

  • Negotiation and partnership

  • Representation, relation with donors and fundraising

  • Protection programming and field workers support

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